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A Thousand years of Byzantium

Gold solidi and gold histamena

A priceless collection and historic heritage.

This unique historical collection consists of 8 copies of the most important gold coins of the Byzantine Empire, from the legendary solidus of Constantine the Great to the histamenon of Romanus IV.

click to enlarge From northern Britain to Syria and from the Danube to Mauritania and Egypt, the Byzantine Empire exercised economic and political ascendancy. Its common currency, led by the legendary gold solidus and also by the gold histamenon, prevailed throughout the length and breadth of the Empire, giving it enormous power in wealth and influence.

8 gold coins: the gold solidi and gold histamena that embody the strength of an all-powerful Empire.

The item comes with a personalized guarantee of its genuineness and authenticity
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Constantine the Great, Gold solidus, A.D. 307-337 Theodosius I the Great, A.D. 378-395, Gold solidus Justinian I the Great, A.D. 527-565, Gold solidus Eirene the Athenian, A.D. 797-802, Gold solidus Leon VI the Wise, A.D. 886-912, Gold solidus
Constantine VII Porphyrogennetus, A.D. 913-959 and Romanus I Lecapenus, A.D. 919-944, Gold solidus Basil II Bulgaroctonus (the Bulgar-slayer), A.D. 976-1025 Gold histamenon Romanus IV Diogenes, A.D. 1067-1071, Gold histamenon

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Constantine the Great, Gold solidus, A.D. 307-337

Constantine the Great looking to the right, wearing a laurel wreath and circumscribed by a dotted line. On the field an engraved inscription CONSTANTINVS PF AVG.

Constantine the Great on horseback, looking to the left and holding a sceptre, circumscribed by a dotted line, and bearing the engraved inscription ADVENTUS AVGVSTI N SMAN.

A gift worth 48 euros.

The item comes with a certificate of the quality and authenticity of the coin.
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Othon, 1832, Silver drachma

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