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3000 years of Greece

A priceless collection inspired by the long tradition of Greek coinage, unsurpassed in the history of the world: in 999° silver and 24 carat gold. Our history tangibly impressed upon 16 coins of incomparable pictorial fidelity to the originals.

click to enlarge To hold them in your hand is to feel yourself transported in a time-machine from ancient times to the present. Because these 16 coins have been selected with knowledge and care to afford the time-traveller an ideal bridge into the deep past of Greek history, and to represent all the periods that have marked the unfolding of 3000 years of civilization.

In addition: 2 superb accompanying gifts, yours entirely free.
1st GIFT: A luxury presentation box with drawers.
2nd GIFT: A luxury book containing rich photographic material.

The item comes with a certificate of the quality and authenticity
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“Trite” in amber, Ephesus, 600 BC. Silver eight-drachma piece, Alexander I, Macedonia, 495-454 BC Silver three-drachma piece Cos 480-450 BC Silver four-drachma piece, Thasos, 390-335 BC Gold stater, Philip II, Macedonia, 323-315 BC, (posthumous minting)
Gold stater, Athens, 294 BC Gold half-stater, King Pyrrhus, Epirus, 278-276 BC Gold stater, Lysimachus, Thrace, 297-281 BC Solidus, Theodosius I, AD 387 Solidus, Justinian I, between AD 538-345
Solidus, Leon VI, the Wise, AD 886-908 Histamenon, King Basil II, Bulgaroctonus (The Bulgar-slayer), AD 1005-1025 Silver phoenix, Ioannis Capodistrias, Greek State, 1828 Silver drachma, Cretan State, 1901 Ten-lepta piece, George I, Kingdom of Greece, 1912

Price: €965.00



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MACEDONIA, Demetrius Poliorketes,
Gold stater c. 300-295 B.C.

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